Work in Progress

  • “Globalization with Whom: Context-Dependent Foreign Direct Investment Preferences.” Previous version presented at the 2012 meeting of the European Political Science Association, Berlin, Germany. (With Nathan M. Jensen)
  • “Are Electoral-System Effects Really Electoral-Competitiveness Effects?” Presented at the 2014 meeting of the European Political Science Association, Edinburgh, UK. (With Mark Andreas Kayser)
  • “Robust Periodization for Dynamic Models of Intra-Term Legislative Behavior.” (With Ryan J. Vander Wielen)
  • “The Political Economy of Police Stops.” (With Johannes Kleibl and Ryan J. Vander Wielen)
  • “Depoliticizing Policy Reform: Non-Partisan Expert Cues and Public Opinion Change on Financial Regulation.” (With Nathan M. Jensen)
  • “Policy Diffusion or Insulation? Global Policy Choices and American Public Opinion.” Presented at the Fourth Annual CESS-NYU Experimental Political Science Conference, New York, New York. (With Nathan M. Jensen and Justin Leinaweaver)
  • “The Stakes Are High: Incentives for Legislative Party Leaders and Public Good Production.”
  • Book Project, Working Title “Dynamic Elite Partisanship in Congress.” (With Ryan J. Vander Wielen)